A Bit of Halloween Fun

It’s Halloween, and I’ve always liked Halloween. I never really cared for the spooky stuff, and I didn’t care much about the candy. I just enjoyed dressing up. There’s not really anything like Halloween in Aviandria, but I can’t help but wonder what some of the people there might have chosen to dress up as if they had grown up with our Halloween traditions.

Just for fun, I have compiled a list of people from Gateway to Aviandria and my guess of what they might have chosen to dress as if they had grown up in our world. Since most of them are adults in the story, we’ll just go back to what they might have picked at age eight or nine.


Alder- I can see Alder choosing a real-life hero, like a fireman or a policeman.


Alvorach- It’s easily possible Alvorach might have gone for something classically spooky, but not too creepy, like a ghost, spider, or bat.


Ashlynn- I think Ashlynn would have chosen something like a flower or a fairy. Maybe she would have taken the best of both worlds and been a flower fairy.


Dillyn- I’m pretty sure Dillyn would have been big into the superheroes. I think he might have chosen the Flash or Captain America.


Gallis- Gallis has always been attracted to powerful stuff, so I think he might have gone as something pretty powerful. I can see him as Darth Vader, or some other Sith lord.


Do you think I’m right? I don’t know if I am, but it’s always fun to imagine.

By the way, if you haven’t read the Aviandrian Ghost story yet, “The Spirit of the Passerida”, you can find it here. 


What are you doing for Halloween? 

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