Aviandrian Overview–Some super basic information about Aviandria

So, this is the second week of August, and that means the post is supposed to be something about Aviandria or the people there. I figured I would start out with the very basic, and give a super brief overview of Aviandria. Here is Aviandria at a glance.

Country Name: Aviandria

Country Flag: Blue Background with a golden bird shape in the center and a gold stripe on the edge of the right side.

Capital City: Accipitridaelynn (Pronounced ack-sip-i-tri-day-lin with all the “i”s pronounced as short i’s.)

Language: Standard Trade (same as most places anywhere close). There is a very small percentage of the population that speaks what they call “Ancient Aviandrian” as well.

Government: Monarch kept in check by a council

Surrounding Countries: Draconland is to the north, Valkenland to the north-east, Slavachnid to the east, and Algorithia to the South east. The south and west are coastal and have no other countries very close.

Climate: Most of Aviandria is fairly temperate. To the south, it is somewhat subtropical and the winters consist of fairly heavy rainfall. It gets cooler to the north, especially in the eastern half, where it will snow at least moderately during the winters. Summers get fairly warm all over, but not usually unbearably hot. It is fairly humid along the coasts, but not too bad in the central and eastern parts.

Main Geographical Features: The northeast edge of Aviandria is lined with the Leasarkerlae Mountains which turn into the Roasarkerlae Mountains as they move into the southeast of Aviandria. There is another large range of mountains in the center of Aviandria called The Great Dividing Range. To the north, the Anamer River divides Aviandria from Draconland. Other important rivers include the Calipepla River, the Kwiscalus River, the Buteo River, the Passerida River, the Mimidae River, and the Passeri River. The lakes of note would be Narrow Lake, Buteo Lake, and Mimidae Lake. There is a small cluster of islands that are considered part of Aviandria to the southwest called the Outer Isles. And, of course, Accipitridaelynn Bay is a huge center for shipping and trade.


Of course, there is much, much more to Aviandria, but this is what you might find on an elementary school report, and I figured it would at least be a good start.

What are some specific questions you have about Aviandria and her people? What topics would you like to know more about? 

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