Character Introduction and Interview: Alder

It’s that time again. Another character introduction and interview. Once again, you have to live through my artwork. Someday I hope somebody draws  some pictures that actually do my characters justice (I guess the book cover portrays Ashlynn well, but that’s the only one). Luckily there isn’t any Internet in Aviandria, so nobody can get offended by my portrayal of them.

Anyhow, today it is my pleasure to introduce Alder.

Forest Alder 3


Though he would never be one to seek attention for himself, Alder also is not the kind of person to sit on the sidelines and let life pass him by. If he sees something that needs to be done, he won’t hesitate to jump in and do it, even if it is at his own personal expense. Though he hates conflict, this desire to make things right can sometimes put him in sticky situations. Luckily he is quite level-headed, and can usually avoid too much trouble. After all, he had plenty of practice as a young boy keeping his friend, Dillyn, out of trouble. His favorite activities (as you will most likely learn from the interview) are spending time with his roc, Lyonal, practicing archery, playing the flute, and learning new things.
My questions are bolded, and Alder’s responses are in italics. I have underlined my original questions that I planned. The ones that aren’t underlined were ones that came out as I was interviewing Alder to clarify some of his answers (or just to give him a hard time, because he tends to get too serious at times, and it’s kind of fun to tease him).

What is your favorite color and why?
I don’t know if I really have thought to pick a favorite. I think a lot of times I lean toward green. If I must say why I think it is because it is everywhere, but somehow it doesn’t flaunt itself. It is peaceful, yet alive.

What is your favorite food and why?
Whatever I can get at the time will work. I don’t think it is wise to be overly picky about what you eat.
But if you could choose, and it didn’t matter, what would you want?
I suppose I really like apples. They are pleasant to the taste while being beneficial to one’s health. Dillyn’s mother also makes a sort of cake with strawberries and cream on top that I have always had a fondness for.

Where would you go on your dream vacation, and what would you do?
What do you mean by “vacation”?
A vacation is when you take time off your normal activities and do things you enjoy rather than working. Often times people will travel during a vacation.
I don’t know where I would go. I would probably just fly somewhere with Lyonal and maybe camp.
That sounds an awful lot like what you do for work.
I guess I am lucky to love my work then. I don’t know that I would ever choose to do anything else. I suppose if I had to choose something that wasn’t related to my work, I have always kind of wanted to hike the pass by Falconshire. I’ve never actually had occasion to.

What animal do you see yourself most like and why?
I would like to be able to say a roc. They are loyal, strong, and brave. They know what they want, and they go for it. They don’t stop to worry about what others will think. I don’t know if I am really like that, but I would like to be. I suppose I am like a roc, since sometimes I feel like Lyonal and I are joined together. It is almost like we are one. At those times, I suppose I am like a roc.

If you had a hundred dollars to spend (or the equivalent in Aviandrian currency) however you like, what would you do with it?
I don’t know. I have very few requirements that would require money. I am quite content with what I have. I would probably put it away in case I ever did need it for an unforeseeable circumstance.
What if you had to spend it?
Perhaps I would use it to help Dillyn’s mother. She has done so much for me over the years, I can hardly begin to repay her. I don’t know if she would accept, however. In that case, perhaps I could find somebody else that needed it more than me.
But you are supposed to use it for you!
But that takes all the fun out of spending money. I don’t need, or even really want, anything that money can buy. It is much more gratifying seeing the joy of others when they get something they need or want.
Alright, I can’t argue with that. We’ll move on.

If you had an hour of free time to do whatever you wanted with, what would you do?
Fly with Lyonal.
How did I know you were going to say that? If you couldn’t fly with Lyonal, what would you do?
You said I could do anything I wanted.
I know, but humor me.
Alright, I suppose I might practice Archery for a while.
How about something not related to your job as a rider?
You like to make this difficult. I might take a walk and reflect, or perhaps read a book if I could find one, or practice a bit on my flute. I suppose I could pay a visit to one of my friends I haven’t seen in a while.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?
I don’t really see myself suited for power. I don’t think it is something I would ever desire.
It’s not that kind of power. A super power is something that ordinarily people don’t have. You could use it to help others. In my world, your Elven eyesight might be considered a super power. It can also be something like being extra strong, or the ability to fly, or turn invisible, breath underwater, or healing—things like that.
Since I can already fly with Lyonal, I wouldn’t need that one. The ability to breath under water could change a lot. If that were a real ability, it would be a very desirable one. On the other hand, I think healing would be the most beneficial to the most people, so perhaps that is the one I would choose.

Alright. That leaves us with our last question. What wonderful words of advice or wisdom can you leave with our readers?
I hardly feel qualified to give advice, and I am still seeking wisdom of my own. I guess one thing I have learned in my life is, never give up on what you want most. Whether it is an ideal, a dream, or a person, never stop trying to find a way. When you want something badly enough and work at it with everything you have, a way will almost always open up to get it. It might not be immediately, or easy, but it will come eventually.

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