Diving Back In–The Break is Over

So, I haven’t posted in a while. I kind of took the summer off. I had a lot of things going on, and I was hitting some major writer’s block and burnout. I also felt that I needed some major reorganization with my posts. I’ll give a bit of an explanation in a bit. However, some exciting things have happened since I last wrote that I want to mention. First of all, Gateway to Aviandria was finally released! It is up for sale in both digital and paperback. You can find it here. I am starting to organize and figure out what I need to do to get my second book out. It is already written and revised, but it will still probably need some fine tuning. I have started the process of getting a cover. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before that one will join Gateway to Aviandria on the market.

Now I will give you a bit of an overview of what you can expect to see on here in the coming months. I have broken down the sort of posts I would like to write into four or five different types—one for each week of the month. Each week of each month will have an assigned sort of post. Once in a while, something might come along to disrupt the schedule, but in general, this is what you will get.


Week 1: “Ask the Author” This will include things that people might be interested in asking me as an author. If you were to interview your very favorite author of all time, what would you ask them? I may not be your favorite author of all time, but I would love it if you would help me out with these posts by submitting questions. As long as they are relevant and appropriate (think G rated) I will try to answer them. You can either post them in the comments or email them to katymarie@katymariefrost.com.

Week 2: “All About Aviandria” These posts will talk about things pertaining to Aviandria. These are the weeks you will get to know new characters, learn some cultural facts about Aviandria I wasn’t able to fit into the book, and really get to know the world Ashlynn stumbles into. Once again, if you have any questions regarding Aviandria specifically, feel free to ask them in the comments or by email.

Week 3: “Creative Content” Anything else I write besides my novels will probably be posted on these weeks. It might be short stories, poems, or song lyrics. Much of it will probably have to do with Aviandria because that’s where my brain is right now, but it may not all be. Although Aviandria is my personal favorite, I have been known to write other things as well.

Week 4: “Muddled Musings” Most of the post I have written to this point probably would fall under this category. Although I am trying to cut back, I probably won’t be able to get rid of these entirely, so I’m limiting them to once a month. These posts can be pretty random. I will do my best to relate them to my writing somehow, but sometimes it might be a bit of a stretch. Also, if I have something awesome like a guest post or something like that, this is where I will probably substitute those.


Week 5: “Wild Card” In the few months that there are fifth weeks to post, I will try to come up with some fun activity to try. It might be a game or some other fun activity. It also might be something else entirely random. Who knows what might pop up. I don’t even know what will pop up yet. I guess we’ll see.


While this plan might not be perfect, I hope it works and makes things easier to write and more pleasant to read. Now that I have that to work by, I think I can jump back in with both feet. Here’s to another year of (what I hope is) awesomeness!

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