Five Reasons a Book Makes a Perfect Gift

This week I had a really hard time figuring out what to write about. It is the week of Aviandria’s winter holiday, and I thought about posting something about that, but it just wasn’t coming together. Most people don’t know anything about it. I wrote a post last year and hardly anybody saw it. That’s most likely because it’s that time of the year when people are too busy to just sit down and look at a long blog post that has a bunch of information that, although interesting, just doesn’t help them with their immediate life struggles. That’s why this year I’m going to make a really short list that some might find a little more useful. It’s getting super close to Christmas, and most people probably already have a majority of their shopping done, but just in case people are looking for last minute ideas, I was thinking of all the reasons books make a perfect gift.

 1- It’s much cheaper than a vacation. Yes, a trip to Disneyland might be awesome, but not everybody has the budget or the time to get there. A book can take you places without having to leave the comfort of your home. No packing, no time wasted in travel, no unexpected expenses. It’s safer, and much, much more cost-effective, and the recipient gets a good dose of adventure in whatever flavor they prefer.


2- Hours of trouble-free entertainment. I mentioned that a book is safer than a trip. Yes, it’s safer because you don’t have to worry about all the hazards of travel, but how many people really do something to get into trouble while reading a book? (Unless it’s a dirty book, but since you get to choose the book your giving, chances are it won’t be anything you wouldn’t approve of.) It’s hard to do anything too horrible while sitting on the couch absorbing a good story.


3- It can create something to talk about. This works best if you have read the same book you gave away. To make things more fun, give one of your favorite books, or get a copy of the book yourself and read it along with the other person so you can discuss it. It can strengthen relationships. Even if it means reading a book below your reading level. Even reading a picture book to a child can help you have something to talk about with them.


4- It promotes self-improvement. When you get somebody to read, they are improving themselves in some way. It doesn’t even have to be an inspiration packed biography or a self-help book. Even fantasy has the ability to teach and help a person grow, as I’ve talked about here. Just plain reading is practicing a very basic life skill.


5- It has the potential of affecting more than one life. When you give a book to somebody, there is always the chance that they will pass it on to another, or let somebody else borrow it after they have thoroughly enjoyed the story. They can tell their friends about it and encourage their friends to read it. They can pass it on to children or grandchildren. The cool thing about passing a book on is that you don’t lose the story. Unlike other clothing, toys, or objects, a book can be passed on while the story remains in the head. It may fade, but there will always be something there forever. Think of the chain a single book could make if shared right.


Books are powerful. I love many of the books I have received as gifts. I could probably come up with even more reasons to give them as gifts, but I’ll stick to five because I want this to be short enough to read with a busy schedule. So, if you are stuck about what to give, try a book. (If you don’t know what book, you could always try Gateway to Aviandria. It’s a good one, in my fairly biased opinion.)


Have you ever gotten a book as a gift that was extra special? What is your favorite thing about receiving or giving a book? 


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