If Aviandria Were A Musical–Alder’s Lament

I love watching musicals, especially live and in person. I think I always enjoyed it, but my real love of it came from the few chances I have had to participate in the pit orchestras for them. I love how everything comes together to make something as limited as a stage and painted facades into an entirely different world that can seem as big as the universe itself when done correctly. There is something about it that fascinates me, and for some reason, it seems more magical to me than the cinematic creations, despite the CGI and special effects they can do now. Because of this, I can’t help but wonder how Gateway to Aviandria would be as a musical.

A few years ago I was deep in this sort of thought, and all of a sudden, inspiration struck and the words came flooding into my mind. The music did too, but I am not good enough at composition to write it all out with all the parts and everything it would need, and I could never perform it all myself for a recording. However, I did come up with a few of the songs that would be included in the musical, and I can at least share the words. I will warn you right now, these will make a lot more sense if you have read the book. However, they also tell something of a story themselves, so they might work either way. Here is the first song in the musical version of Gateway to Aviandria.


Alder’s Lament


From my earliest years

I had it planned out.

I knew what I wanted to be.

I knew my life’s purpose

I knew who I was

The future was clear to me.


I would ride the air

I would live in the sky

I would follow my father’s footsteps.

I would fight for all

I believed was right

And be a champion for good.


One must have a reason to live

One must have a purpose.

One must have a hope to hold on to

His life, a friend, a miracle.


Now it is gone.

With a few little words,

my purpose has faded away.

All that I know is gone,

There’s nothing to hold on

Nothing I had will stay.


If only I’d find

a meaning beyond

just running to save my own life.

A way to fight for all

I believed was right

And be a champion for good.


I must have a reason to live

I must have a purpose.

I must have a hope to hold on to.

My life, a friend, a miracle.


(Dillyn comes, brief dialogue)


I know what I’ll do.

I will work with my might,

I will find a brand new purpose.

I will keep moving on

to better this world

a new future for more than just me.


I’ll help those in need

and stand up for truth,

and in this simple way

I can fight for all

I believe was right

and be a champion for good.


Now I have a reason to live

Now I have a purpose.

Now I have a hope to hold on to.

My life, a friend, a miracle.


If you’ve read the book, you likely know exactly where this fits in. If not, Hopefully, it’s not too confusing. If you haven’t read the book and would like to, you can easily find it for sale in Kindle or paperback by clicking here. If not, don’t give up. Next month I will have the next musical number for you, and maybe you can start getting a vague idea of the plot. 😉 (Don’t worry. It won’t have any big spoilers.)

How would you feel about seeing Aviandria as a Musical? Are there any parts you would like to see turned into a song? 

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