If Aviandria Were A Musical–Wanting Home

Well, I said last time that I didn’t have more songs for Aviandria as a musical, but I have written one between now and then. This one actually does have a tune that might be familiar. I stole (legally, because it’s public domain now) the melody from Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 (The New World Symphony) Second Movement. There have been lyrics written to this tune before, the most common version being “Going Home.” It’s one of my very favorites, and it fit the mood of this song so well. I decided it wouldn’t be too out of place because it is something Ashlynn might find familiar and comforting, therefore, it is a tune to which she might sing a song about home.

Wanting Home

How did I come so far? Where is home from here?
What’s this place? Is it real? How I wish I knew.
I never stopped just to think what I had before.
Now it’s gone and I wish I had noticed more.
Now, will I get to say thanks to Mom and Dad?
Please don’t miss me too much; Please don’t be too sad.

Will I get home to see friends and family?
I can’t leave them never knowing where I went with no trace showing.
I’ve got to get home.

If there’s a way to get here, there is a way home.
I have to hold to that thought while I’m here alone.
Alder said he’d help me get home when he can
He won’t lie, I am sure it is in the plan.
But plans can fail. What if it’s too impossible?
No, I can’t think that way. It’s not unsolvable.

I’ve got to keep hope alive, or I won’t go on.
I’ll get home, wait and see. It’s not if but when.
It’s not if but when.


What are some of your favorite melodies that you think would be fun made into a song with new words? 

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