It’s Finally Time! I’m looking for ARC Readers!

I’m super, super excited right now. After working on Gateway to Aviandria for over nine years, I can finally announce a real date for its release! If all goes well (I’m seriously keeping my fingers crossed) the big day is planned for June 15–exactly eight years since I finished my first draft.


In preparation for the big release, I am working on building a list of people to participate in what is called an Advance Reader Copy  (ARC) team. What this means, is that I send a digital copy to those on the ARC team free of charge before the book is released to the public. What I ask in exchange is that those who get a copy read it before the official release date, and then when it is finally released, they leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Also, it would be greatly appreciated if the reader would inform me if they happen to spot any weird spelling or grammar errors that got overlooked in the multiple layers of editing this book went through (hopefully there aren’t any, but even the best editors can miss something once in a while). Then, last of all, I would also really appreciate it if the people who read it would spread the word through social media or just plain word of mouth. That part is not required, but very much appreciated.


Now, I’m guessing you would like to know more about this book before you commit to using several hours of your life to reading it, so here is a little more information. Gateway to Aviandria is a clean Young Adult fantasy, though there isn’t any reason why not-quite-as-young adults can’t enjoy it as well. This is the back cover description. “Ashlynn’s life is completely normal for a college student, but all that changes when a
peaceful autumn walk with her best friend Ebony hurls her into a different world like none she
has ever known. She finds herself entangled with a kidnapping band of Traders, a tyrant tearing
the kingdom of Aviandria apart, and a small, yet determined group who wants nothing more than
to set things right for the country they love. Then, Ashlynn discovers a secret that could change
everything. If she acts on her secret, she might save Aviandria, but would it completely destroy
all hope of returning home to her former life and those she loves?”


Anyhow, for about the next week, I will be willing to add people to the list. If this is something you might like to participate in, let me know through my email ( or by going to the Aviandria Facebook page and sending a message there. Thanks in advance to anybody who participates. It means a lot!



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