Need a Laugh? Here’s something to give you one.

Even though there are some things I really love about winter, (If you haven’t read why that post is here) I am coming down with a serious case of the winter blahs right now. As a result, I think I want to try something different and fun because I really need something fun. I’m going to steal the Mad Libs idea, and create something fun for anybody.

Just in case you need a refresher, here’s what you do. Get out a piece of paper and something to write with. Pick a word for each category in the list below without looking at the story below. Then, go and put each word in the matching blank in the story. It can give you a fairly good giggle at the end. Play it yourself, play it with a friend, and if you get a good result, don’t forget to share it with us in the comments! (Please keep things PG) So, grab your paper and writing utensil and begin!

1- Number
2- Plural Noun
3- Place
4- Noun
5- Place
6- Plural Noun
7- Noun
8- Place
9- Adjective
10- Noun
11- Noun
12- Noun
13- Adjective
14- Adjective
15- Noun
16- Place
17- Adverb
18- Verb
19- Place
20- Noun
21- Adjective
22- Noun
23- Place
24- Noun
25- Verb
26- Noun
27- Noun
28- Adjective
29- Noun
30- Noun
31- Noun
32- Adjective
33- Noun
34- Adjective
35- Noun
36- Place
37- Noun
38- Noun
39- Adverb



Once upon a time, there were (1-Number)(2-Plural Noun)who decided they wanted a snack. They decided to see what was in the(3-Place). When they got there, they discovered all that was left was a (4-Noun).

“What do we do?” One asked.

“Let’s go to (5-Place).” Said the other. “We can buy some (6-Plural Noun).”

So they got in their (7-Noun) to go to (8-Place). On they way, they looked out the window and saw a (9-Adjective) (10-Noun).

“Stop!” said the first (11-Noun). “I’ve always wanted a (12-Noun) and that one looks (13-Adjective).”

“But we have no place for a (14-Adjective)(15-Noun),” said the other.

“Yes, we do,” said the first. “It can stay in your (16-Place).”

“I’ll make you a deal.” Said the other. “We can keep it if you (17-Adverb) (18-Verb) the (19-Place).

The first (20-Noun) agreed. They took the (21-Adjective) (22-Noun) back to their (23-Place). The first (24-Noun) started to (25-Verb) the (26-Noun), but the (27-Noun) was too (28-Adjective). Finally the other (29-Noun) decided the first (30-Noun) had done enough and said they could stop. Then the (31-Noun)had their very own (32-Adjective) (33-Noun), the (34-Adjective) (35-Noun) had a (36-Place), and the other (37-Noun) had the first (38-Noun)’s gratitude, and they all lived (39-Adverb) ever after.


Don’t forget, if you got good results, share in the comments to give others a good laugh too! 

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