Thoughts for the New Year- A few words of wisdom from our Aviandrian friends.

I really wanted to have something amazing to start off the new year with, but sickness struck at our house, and it rather killed my creativity. Therefore, I am letting some of my friends in Aviandria take over for me. Here are some of the most inspiring quotes from some of the main characters. Hopefully, they give you some good thoughts as you begin the new year. 


“Life is always worth something. Where there is life, there is hope. There is always the chance you can change the situation while alive.” – Alder


“I believe that fate doesn’t truly hand us a role, so much as it hands us the opportunity to choose our role.” – Alvorach


“I realized that being brave didn’t mean not being afraid. It meant facing your fears, just like Dillyn was doing now.”  -Ashlynn


“There are always people who need help. If we can’t liberate the entire kingdom immediately, we can make a difference to a few on the way. It may not save the world, but it will mean the world to those we help.” -Dillyn


What are some of your favorite thoughts or words of wisdom to start off the new year with?

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