Three Bucket Lists Everyone Should Have. Yup, That’s Right. There’s More Than One!

I really like lists. I find they are one of the best ways for me to keep organized. I almost always use my time better if I write a to-do list. I spend less if I make a shopping list. I love the feeling I get when I check something off my list, or even better when I look at a list which has been entirely completed. I could probably make a list of reasons I like lists, but that’s not really my goal with this post.
Of all the lists I make, one of my favorites is my bucket list—my list of things I’d like to do sometime within my life. Actually, I suppose I should clarify a little bit. When I say bucket list, what I actually mean is bucket lists. Yes, I have several bucket lists. At least three, to be precise. Here is why I like to have three different bucket lists.



I have one for short-term, or simple to check off things. These things include anything that isn’t going to take too much time or energy. These might be things like day trips, craft projects, or a new food you want to try. You don’t need a ton of preparation for these things. You just pick one when an opportunity arises, and you can check it off your list. Some of these might even take a bit more time, but whatever they are, these are the things that are fairly likely to be completed at some point. Since this is an author blog, I’ll give you an example of something on this list that has to do with my writing. One thing I would really like to do at some point is to compile a series of Aviandrian folktales and mythology. This would take time, but there isn’t really much stopping me from sitting down and doing it. I wouldn’t say it is simple, but it is very doable.

The second list is for things that are going to take planning, time, and a fair bit more effort. It might be going on that camping trip you keep talking about, or repainting your house. Maybe it’s learning a new skill, or landscaping your yard. Perhaps it’s losing enough weight to be able to wear that adorable dress you just had to buy, even though it didn’t fit quite right. These are most likely going to take you longer than a day. Perhaps you’ll need to save up a bit of money. You might actually have to work hard on it. However, if you put your mind to it, these are things that are well within the realm of possibility. Even if you can’t do it right at the moment, they are likely to happen at some point, as long as you don’t get lazy. My writing example for this would be writing and publishing my Aviandria books. Yes, they have been a lot of work (they still are) and publishing is kind of big and scary, and it has taken me a lot of time, and still probably will, but I am doing it. It’s something I know I can do if I work hard enough.

The last bucket list I like to have is what I call my “shoot for the stars” list. This is the list of things I would really like to do, but they are big enough that I know they may not be possible. They might depend on enough outside factors that you can’t control whether it happens or not. This might be your dream trip to Europe. This might be summiting Mt. Everest. Maybe it’s meeting your favorite musician. It could be just about anything. The only real rule for this list is that it has to be possible, however improbable it may seem. For example, becoming the next American Idol is a pretty lofty goal, but theoretically, it is possible. There’s always a chance, regardless of how minuscule it may be. Riding a unicorn through Middle Earth armed with a light saber, however, is not. (Sorry if I shattered anybody’s dreams.) Getting a pet Elephant is pretty unlikely, but stranger things have happened. Raising a wooly mammoth is probably far enough out there, it probably wouldn’t belong on this list. For me, I think it would be awesome to see Aviandria become a box office breaking film. Could it ever happen? I suppose with an overwhelming amount of luck. Will it ever happen? Probably not, but hey, it’s fun to dream. Have fun with this one. If an opportunity arises to check something off, awesome! Seize it and celebrate big time. If you don’t check these off, don’t get discouraged. Know this list is mostly for fun.

These are the three bucket lists I like to have. It gives me goals and helps me achieve the things I want in life. It allows me to dream and even hope. Some people might call these short term goals, long term goals, and a wish list, but I think it’s more fun to call them bucket lists. Whatever you want to call it, I think everyone should have something along these lines. It just seems healthy.

What about you? What’s on your bucket list(s)?

P.S. I suppose if I really wanted, I could add a fourth for those things that are completely outside the realm of possibility. Included on that list would be something like actually going to Aviandria and riding a roc. However, that is never going to happen, and I know it. I’ll just have to leave that to Ashlynn and Alder.

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