5 Ways to Fit Reading Into a Busy Schedule

If you’re anything like me, you long to read (or sometimes in my case, write) a book, but your schedule doesn’t have much time for such activities. It can get very frustrating when your “to read” list starts piling up and you get further and further behind. I totally get that problem, but I found if I really, really want to, I can usually find a way to finish a book. It might not be super fast, but it is possible. I’ve brainstormed a list of times busy people might find to be able to fit in a tiny bit of reading (besides the classic “when nature calls”). This list also works for writing. I used these tiny time slots a lot when writing some of my Aviandria books.

1- While waiting for an appointment of any sort. It’s hard to avoid appointments in life, and it isn’t uncommon to end up waiting for these appointments to start. If you have a book handy, it helps the time pass much more quickly, and you get a bit of reading in. This works especially well if you can manage to arrive a bit early.

2- Lunch Break. Most people can grab a lunch break, and if you can either finish your food a little early or eat while reading, you might be able to get a bit of reading done. This one is harder if you stay at home with kids, but if they are happily eating at the table for a couple of minutes, let yourself have a tiny break and read a bit. It won’t hurt to let them see you read since you are one of their primary examples, and if they see their parents reading, they may be more inclined to themselves. If you work away from home, in order to get the maximum time to read, bring your own lunch so you don’t have to spend time going out to find food or waiting in a line.

3- Wake up a few minutes earlier or go to bed later. It probably isn’t a good idea to go overboard on this. I’m only talking about fifteen minutes to half hour different. Sleep is super important, but sometimes, if you are really wanting to get through that book, you could spare fifteen extra minutes. There is one danger in this. Sometimes it’s far too easy to keep going when your time is up. Set a timer and make yourself stop when it goes off.

4- Riding in the car. If you aren’t the driver, read while you are riding in the car. The bus is also great for this. I loved taking the bus too and home from school for this very reason. It is the perfect time to read without worry or interruption. Just make sure you don’t miss your stop! If you are the driver, this one isn’t for you. I’m sorry. I know your pain. Really, I do. However, if you are the driver, do NOT read your book while driving in the car! Of course, if you are parked while waiting for somebody you are picking up, it’s fair game.

5- Instead of TV. Maybe you are too busy even for TV. That can happen, but a lot of the time, even busy people like to watch TV sometimes. Maybe you sacrifice your TV time a few times a week for the sake of your book. I almost always read a book rather than watching television while growing up, and I haven’t ever been very sorry even once.

It can really be a challenge to find time to read, but with a little creativity, it can be done. The hardest part is perhaps shifting your mindset to make it a priority. Enjoy your book!

What books do you want to read with your tiny time slots? What other times can you think of to squish in a bit of reading? 

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