A Plea for Patience–Why this blog has been so random, and what to do while waiting.

First off, I have to apologize. This blog hasn’t really been what I planned it to be. The first article I ever wrote explained exactly what I envisioned. What I really wanted it to be was a companion to my books, starting with Gateway to Aviandria. It was supposed to have all sorts of behind the scenes snippets. It was supposed to share things I couldn’t put in the book—those juicy little secrets about the characters that just didn’t have a place in the story, and the details about Aviandria that never had occasion to be explained to the reader elsewhere. It should have things like deleted scenes, or recipes for Aviandrian dishes. I can just imagine you are feeling kind of like the guy in this picture. The stuff that’s there is nice–beautiful sunset, peaceful surroundings, spiffy clothes–but none of it is what you are really there for.

Although I have tried to sprinkle a bit of what I planned in, it has been much harder to make this a companion to my book, since I don’t exactly have a book out for it to go with. I planned to have my book out much sooner, but because I really want it to be a quality experience for the reader, I have taken extra time to make sure it is as polished as I can make it. Instead of posting all the things I planned at first, I have just been writing little posts just to have something for people to read. I feel like I am just flying around in a holding pattern for a little while.
However, this won’t last forever. I still fully intend to get my book out in the world for anybody to read soon, and once this happens, I am hoping to have this blog become more what I originally intended it to be. Please, hang in there with me for just a bit longer.
Until then, I haven’t just been twiddling my thumbs. I have been busy. Here are some things I have been doing in the meantime.

1- If anybody wants to get into the world of Aviandria before my first real book comes out, I have been posting a story about Aviandria on Wattpad. I try really hard to post a chapter a week. Don’t worry, it is a story that can stand completely on its own. It won’t ruin any surprises about Gateway to Aviandria. One small disclaimer here: What I am posting is a first draft. It hasn’t been rewritten and polished, so it may not be perfect. If you see any major issues with it, I would be grateful if you would let me know so I can correct them when I do go back and rewrite and polish. Here is the description for it.
In Jennae’s eyes, Tarien is nothing but a spoiled teacher’s pet who uses his father’s position on the king’s council to get what he wants. To Tarien, Jennae is an impulsive and careless orphan who uses people’s sympathy to get away with anything. Needless to say, when they are assigned to work together, neither of them are thrilled at the thought. However, when they overhear a secret plot, they must learn to work together if they hope to save their kingdom.
If you want to follow along with Jennae and Tarien’s adventures, you can do that here.

2- I just barely started an account on Medium. I haven’t done much with it yet. I will probably repost some of the posts I have written for this blog, but I will also post some things that really don’t fit here. You can follow me on Medium by clicking this.

3- Sign up for my email list if you haven’t. I don’t usually send out many emails. You might get one about once a month. If something really exciting is happening, you might get one or two more, but I try to keep it down. Those on my email list will be first to get any exciting news or about what is going on with books or stories, so it isn’t a bad idea to jump on it. You can also read the first few chapters by signing up. Just a warning—they might not be perfectly edited, so if there is a typo, ignore it, please.

4- Of course, you can keep following this blog. If I don’t post about Aviandria or what’s going on behind the scenes, I at least try and make what I post uplifting, encouraging, or helpful in some way. Also, if you have any questions about Aviandria or any of my work, don’t be afraid to ask. I would love to answer people’s questions (as long as they are appropriate) in a special post once in a while. Email questions to katymarie@katymariefrost.com

I really appreciate everybody’s patience and support. This post wasn’t thrilling, but I just felt I needed to let you know what has been going on, and why it is taking so long for everything to come together how it should.

If you could read about anything on this blog, what would you like to read?

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