Character Introduction and Interview: Alvorach

It’s that time again. This time you get to learn more about Alvorach. He might be one of the characters I knew the least when I started writing about him, but he has been a lot of fun to get to know. I hope you enjoy learning about him as much as I have.


Alvorach has a way of fitting in wherever you put him. He adapts quickly to any given situation, and will always contribute in any way he can to accomplish the objective, whether it is trying to overthrow a tyrant, or simply making sure everybody enjoys a party. If you need something done, it is always safe to depend on Alvorach. He has an optimistic outlook on life and feels anything can be accomplished if you are willing to work hard and search until you find the right way. He believes in putting plans into action without unnecessary delay, and he had a tendency to move others to action as well. He has a curious streak and is not afraid to ask questions. He drinks in knowledge like dry sand absorbs water. Among his many talents, he has the incredible ability to keep perfect track of time. You never need a watch if Alvorach is around.


My questions are bolded, and Alvorach’s responses are in italics. I have underlined my original questions that I planned. The ones that aren’t underlined were ones that came out as I was interviewing Alvorach to clarify some of his answers.

Character: Alvorach (Pronounced  ALL-vor-rock)

What is your favorite color and why?
That’s a good question. Right now, I kind of like brown. As for my reasons, it is an incredibly useful color. It just sort of blends in and goes with most anything. You find it everywhere. There are also many shades and varieties, so it just leaves things open to possibilities.

What is your favorite food and why?
I love my mother’s fresh bread. I’ve never met anybody who can make it quite like she does. It’s one of the things I look the most forward to each time I visit my home.
Do you like it just pain, or do you eat butter or jam on it?
It’s definitely good enough to stand on its own, but it is especially good with honey-butter or my mother’s plumb jam. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water a bit. Now I wish I had some.
Alright. We’ll move on before I make you too homesick.

Where would you go on your dream vacation, and what would you do? By the way, a vacation is where you take time off your normal activities and do things you enjoy rather than working. You can travel, or just take it easy.
I have always gone back to visit my family. When I was young, we would occasionally go to visit my uncles in Accipitridaelynn. Once or twice we also went to Diomedeidyn, and I remember really enjoying it there. I think I might enjoy going back, especially if I could talk my family into going with me. If not, perhaps I would just go visit them in Menthia and have some of my mother’s bread.

What animal do you see yourself most like and why?
An animal? That is an unusual question. I may need a moment to think. I think maybe a horse. I know they aren’t as common in Aviandria as some places, but they seem to be such a useful animal, yet they have an intelligence that keeps them from being overly dull like many other work animals. They can think for themselves, but they also will work with people if taught correctly. At least, that is what I have observed. I have to admit, I don’t know all that much about horses. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with them much.

If you had a hundred dollars to spend (or the equivalent in Aviandrian currency) however you like, what would you do with it?
That’s a really good question. I don’t think I’ve ever had that much to spend on just anything. I can’t think of anything specific at the moment. I might have to shop around a bit, but I’m sure I could find things that I would enjoy, or that my sisters might like.
Nobody I’ve talked to so far really has anything they want. They usually mention spending the money on somebody else? Is everybody in Aviandria like that?
No, I’m sure not everybody would answer like that. My guess is, that most of the people you have talked to move around a fair bit. It doesn’t take long to realize that you can’t take much with you when you are constantly traveling. More belongings become much more of a bother than they are worth. You learn to value other things more than possessions.
I guess that makes sense. Perhaps we picked a bad question. We’ll try the next one.

If you had an hour of free time to do whatever you wanted with, what would you do?
I think I might go and find a musician and listen to their music, or perhaps I would play myself. Either that or I would find a stout tree branch where I could sit and work on a carving.
So, a perfect hour would be sitting on a tree branch, carving something, while a musician played music under the tree?
That does sound like a fine hour, yes. Do you know how that might be arranged?
We might be able to think of something. I think I have some connections.

If you could have one super power, what would it be? By the way, since the other’s have had questions about this one, a super power is something extraordinary that you can do that normal people can’t. It’s more than just a talent. I guess your ability to keep perfect time is a little bit like a super power. Usually, they are things like super strength, invisibility, flying, X-ray vision, incredible speed, reading minds—things like that.
X-ray vision?
The ability to see through most things. For example, you could look through walls, or into a box that is closed without opening it.
Yes, that certainly would be extraordinary. I think I like the idea of incredible speed. It would be so useful. You could deliver messages or all sorts of things using it. I think that one would be really nice to have.

Last but not least, what wonderful words of advice or wisdom can you leave with our readers?
If you’re gong to do it eventually, why not do it now? Don’t procrastinate. I mean, sometimes you do have to prepare, but if that is the case, don’t put off the preparation. Get it over with so you can jump in. That is the way goals are reached, dreams are accomplished, and anything worth while happens.
That’s really good advice.
Well, I can’t take all the credit. My mother is a very wise woman.
She does sound that way. Good advice, and delicious bread. I may have to visit her someday.
I am sure she would welcome you.
Well, I’ll have to stop by if I’m ever in the are. At any rate, thanks for the interview. It was lots of fun.

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