If Aviandria Were A Musical–The Life of an Outlaw

Well, this is the last song I have for the musical version of Aviandria, so unless I write more, this will be it for a little while.

The Life of an Outlaw



Welcome, you’re now on the crew.


But you should understand what you’re getting into.


Look here, it’s not all that bad.

In fact, it may be the most delightful life you’ve ever had.


The life of an outlaw

has a charm of its own

All those that bother, nag and tease

will leave you alone.

You never worry

about sleeping in late

and the natural night sky view

is altogether great!


The life of an outlaw

is bright and carefree,

because it seldom matters

what others may see.

If you don’t comb your hair

or iron your clothes

nobody will really care

because nobody knows!



He’s right about one thing

the forest is nice

but if you think this life is easy

I suggest you think twice.

Be on the lookout

because, if you’re caught

it could be the end of all

the good things that you’ve got.



The life of an outlaw

is a wonderful thing!

Oh the excitement and adventure

each day will bring!

If you ever get bored,

you just go into town,

and the rumpus you could cause

could bring the whole place down.




Though it has it’s challenges

I’d take it any day

over what I’d have to do

to live the other way.

You live the way you know is right

and strive to make the future bright.



The life of an outlaw

is a fine life to live

if you are an outlaw

who will only give.

Who won’t steal a penny

or hold up a fly.

To make the world a better place

is something we must try.



The life of an outlaw

is something quite new.

But with you two’s help

I’m sure I’ll get through.

I’m ready for danger

and excited for fun,

even if it means that we

are always on the run.



The life of an outlaw

we’ll never regret

but when it’s all over

you surely can bet

we’ll all be quite happy

to get back to things

just the way they were before

the craziness this brings.


But until then,

we will move on again.

And enjoy the ride.

because we take pride

in the life of an outlaw.



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